#TBT Schroon Edition: The Answers

Last week we asked you what the above building was in its former life, and what it is today -- as well as share you memories. You answered the call. Today it is Sticks and Stones..but its history is amazing! But before we go there, let's acknowledge this: 

June 11th was S7S's s  1 year anniversary!

From Steve & Gary:

"It has been a great year and quite an interesting journey on this new venture. Thank You to everyone who has supported us along the way! We have made a new family here in Schroon Lake! It's a pleasure for us to serve all of you.... guests & now friends. We look forward to the upcoming season and new year for us! As well offering breakfast, lunch & dinner. Thanks again everyone, we couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be introduced to & surrounded by:)  Much Love!!!

And now, back to the history books!

Darlene Gregson: "Was Guy's, Then Adventure Inn that became vacant and run down as it looks in this picture. Purchased by Barry and Darlene Gregson, redesigned and major renovation's were made to that building by Barry Gregson with lot's of help from his brother Eric Gregson as builder and contractor. And now deceased brother Lance Gregson removed the current fireplace and rebuilt the beautiful stone fireplace. It was run as Adirondack Rustics Gallery for 14 years and sold in 2013 to now Sticks and Stones restaurant. Adirondack Rustics in now relocated at the Barry Gregson's mountain top Studio on Charley Hill Road in Schroon Lake".

 Roger Friedman: "Café Guy - owner Guy Davis who owned Davis Motel. Washed dishes there!"

Mike M: "Joe from Ticonderoga constructed the fireplace for Don and Sandy Ryder"

Barbara M. Brancone Connor "Guys eventually Adventure Inn & S &S?"

Harold Snyder "And they had a real good looking waitress with long blonde hair back then was always looking for a ride thought"

Dona J. Yeskoo "Adventure Inn -- I ate there a couple of times back in the 1970's! Sticks and Stones is a LOT better -- 'cause that's what it is now (after it was the rustic furniture place for many years)! "

  The swanky Dining Room

The swanky Dining Room

  The even swankier bar!

The even swankier bar!