Lost A Boat?

We knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d be hearing from folks who have found things that flot, after Tuesday’s storm contributed both wind and more rain, to an already high lake level.

From Gretchen Marcell :

"Two boats have been found, which appear to have been washed up by the shore.  The first is a red and blue aluminum Bass Master, registration number NY3225GM.  It is washed up in a small cove just north of Loomis Lane and Porter Estates, before the Essex Drive properties (off of Redwing/Adirondack Road). The second is a turquoise blue pedal boat with a white bottom, no other identifying characteristic, washed up in Sucker Brook.  In both cases, BRING A BAILING BUCKET!!!  For further information or help locating the sites, call me at 518 494 2216". 

Lost or found something? Leave a comment or send us an email at schroonlaker@me.com