Schroon Lake’s Caped Crusader

Remember a teacher who always used comedy or humor to make a lesson a little easier to understand? Chances are you remembered it. And that’s the approach being used by the East Shore Schroon Lake Association in getting the message across that there is a war on Eurasian Milfoil.

During the Brant Lake Memorial Day Parade ESSLA’s Milfoil Man and Milfoil Monster were a part of the festivities.

And already the ESSLA Lake stewards have had success. From ESSLA President Jane Smith:

“After only two days the Stewards pulled the following off boats/trailers.

1 Eurasian Milfoil - 1 highly suspect Eurasian milfoil - 2 native grasses

Good catch after only 2 days and little boat traffic says our Steward Program Administrator, Rich Nawrot. Alyssa, Danielle, Matt or Justice will be at the launch most every day after school is out.  Stop by and say hello (a cold drink on a hot day would, I’m sure, be appreciated by them if you are so inclined)”.

Folks, keep up the terrific work.