A Must See Film All Lake Lovers Should Watch

A centerpiece of the Schroon Lake Association's presentation Friday night, will be a screening of the PBS documentary "Lake Defenders".

The film chronicles the efforts of the multiple agencies and individuals who are fighting  the invasion of invasive species in lake George. Eurasian milfoil and Asian clams are two of eight invasives in Lake George. In Schroon and Paradox milfoil is in check, while Lake George is being attacked by Asian clams. Schroon and Paradox -- thanks to countless, vigilant volunteers, have so far dodged a bullet on Asian clams.

The 30-minute educational documentary promotes public awareness and participation in stopping the spread of invasives, and provides a case study in management practices as a model for hundreds of communities nationwide.

If you can't make the meeting, then definitely watch this documentary. It will change the way you look at Schroon and Paradox and how important WE ALL CAN BE in helping our nation's lakes stay invasive free.

The event takes place this Friday (July 11) at 8pm at the Schroon Lake Central School’s Auditorium.