Lake Stewards In Action: Saving Our Lake

Just how effective is the lake steward program on Schroon? VERY!!! Here’s the proof of how an intervention by stewards from the East Shore Schroon Lake Association, kept a whole bunch of milfoil out of our lake.

From ESSLA President Jane Smith.

Following is (first) the result of our Steward Program Administrator and our Lake Stewards taking action to protect all of our lakes.  Just got off the phone with an investigator from the DEC, he's on his way over to talk to him (the owner of the Saratoga Boat works) now.  Perfect. 

This is the letter that ESSLA's Rich Nawrot was sent to the Saratoga Boat Works.

Mr. Olson, By way of introduction, my name is Richard Nawrot, I'm on the board of Directors for the East Shore Schroon Lake Association (ESSLA) and I manage the Lake Steward program at the Horicon boat launch on the southern part of Schroon Lake.

On July 3,2014, your employee from Saratoga Boat Works ( Vehicle plate # 584 BOAT) delivered a pontoon for Amy. When they arrived the Steward inspected the boat/trailer and found significant amounts of Eurasian Milfoil . The amount was so significant that the Stewards sent your driver to the Loon Lake boat washing station for a high temperature pressure wash. That did not remove all the milfoil so the driver and the owner had to crawl under the trailer and hand pick the rest.

Upon their return to the Horicon launch the boat/trailer were inspected again and found to be clean.

On 7/4/2014  another boat retrieved by its owner from your marina was also found to contain significant amounts of milfoil. The owners had to pick all the milfoil off before they were allowed to launch.

Please be aware that both Warren County and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have specific laws which make it illegal to transport or launch a watercraft that contains invasive species.

It is obvious that your launch facility is a source for the spread of invasive species. We would appreciate it if you have one of your employees check for milfoil and remove it prior to the owner leaving the Saratoga Boat Works launch. This will go a long way towards preventing the spread of milfoil not only to Schroon Lake but also to all water bodies

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this matter further. We are hopeful that you will take necessary corrective action and do your part in preventing the spread of invasive species.


Rich Nawrot