Saving The Strand: $5,000 to Go

We have two pieces of terrific news to share for fans of Schroon’s historic Strand Theatre – the fund-raising goal has almost been met, and there are some very unselfish folks who are making that goal possible.

STS committee chair Rossi-Snook says that they are within $ 5,000 of reaching the goal to raise funds to purchase digital equipment to replace the theatre's film projector.

And  a BIG BRAVO to the above four young women  holidaying at Terra Alta: Natalie Smith, Madeline Cole, Eliza Eder, and Hannah Chasnoff, ages 10 & 11, who are helping to Save The Strand in a very unique way, says Emily.

They  are helping to Save the Strand Theatre in Schroon Lake by donating the babysitting money they have made this summer. Their collective donation of over $100 will be given to STS committee chair Emily, who will be at Terra Alta Monday night at 7 pm to talk about the long time connection between the historic theater and Terra Alta.

There will be mugs or tee shirts available for a donation of $20 or more as well as a vintage movie poster auction in an effort to raise more funds for digital projection at the theatre.