Pints At Paradox!


If you needed another reason or excuse to go have your growlers refilled at he Paradox Brewery we have one for you: A refreshing pint awaits you!.

That’s right --  PDX is now authorized to sell pints  -- after having their farm to brewery license approved by New York State.

Now, all of the brews at Paradox proudly feature New York State grown hops, grain and amazing NY spring water!

“We’ve secured our supplies, our application was approved, and we are ready to go,” PDX’s Paul Mrocka told Schroon Laker.

Folks will still be able to sample the brews, but for those you know what they want, having a cold pint passes away the time nicely, as your growler or growlers are filled.

And we’ve go the scoop on two, brand new spanking beers, from PDX, which you can read about in our Food and Drink section.