Beer and Shakespeare In Schroon: Homer Simpson Would Be Proud


If you are keeping count, the Adirondack Shakespeare Company is having their biggest season yet!

Why does this matter? Well, it's a deal huge to have a nationally known company call Schroon Lake home for the summer. The ripple impact of having these delightful thespians here trickles down throughout the community -- the crowds they bring frequent our B&Bs, motels, pubs, stores and restaurants. (not to mention the massive amounts of laundry they do in down town Schroon!!!)

And not only are they bringing attention and crowds to Schroon, they are also shining a much needed spotlight on Scaroon Manor, the now derelict --but much loved resort in a former life! -- that desperately needs a makeover.

And Scaroon is the setting for several upcoming performances, one which features a particular amber beverage -- from the Paradox  Brewery in Schroon Lake -- which is near and dear to many in these parts.

Tuesday they were at the Scaroon Manor Amphitheater for Richard II - one of Shakespeare’s most lyrically beautiful plays, featuring one of his best baddies!  And Wednesday don’t miss their original children’s show: David and Goliath! It's 10:30am at the Scroon Lake Strand Theater. For more info, click here.  Find put more about the story behind the beer and the connection to Shakespeare in our 2014 Music and Arts Calendar section.