"Hollywood" Comes To The Adirondack General Store

Robert, Maureen and Oliver Diaz

Robert, Maureen and Oliver Diaz

As the 2014 spring thaw began, so too did a new life adventure blossom for Schroon Lakers Robert and Maureen Diaz. That’s when the second home owners on the lake’s east-side took over a jewel of our area – the Adirondack General Store – and moved here full time.

When we caught up with Diaz family in early Summer, they were slowly adjusting to their new lives here in the Adirondacks. The biggest adjustment for Robert, a physical therapist, and Maureen, a nurse practitioner, both from Queens, was the incredible workload associated with running the landmark store.

“I don’t think we have worked harder in our lives,” Maureen told Schroon Laker Wednesday. Have they had time to enjoy the lake this year? "No, not yet. maybe we will get an Indian Summer,?" Maureen asked. (You could hear the hope in her voice!)

But with their new lives, came benefits that are priceless.

“We have really become a part of this community, we’ve been able to do things that you are not able to do in the big city.  Getting involved with the people here, making new friends and getting involved with their projects, like the recent Adirondack Shindig.”

And now here’s a new project Robert and Maureen are involved in – one that may bring the national spot light to their beloved store. In early September a film crew is set to use the store, its iconic old gas pumps, and the telephone box across the street, as a backdrop for a romantic comedy, The Night We Met.

The film is being produced by Stan Denis, of Denis Entertainment Group Inc. (DEG) based in Clifton. Jon Russell Cring is the director.

From a press release from DEG:

“We have chosen the Adirondack General Store located at 899 East Shore Drive, Adirondack, NY and a private home on Schroon Lake as major locations for the filming of the feature film The Night We Met. 

Production of this film will begin on September 3rd (next Wed).  For the following two weeks DEG will be housing the cast and crew for this film in Schroon Lake, NY.  Both Cast and Crew are coming in from around the U.S. We will be inviting local residents to come and witness the process by which a film of this nature is made.  Some residents may even have a chance to be in a scene.

From Stan Denis: "We will soon be officially extending an invitation to all of the area residents to come and spend an evening watching some scenes be produced at the Adirondack General Store.  All are welcome to come out and watch and possibly be in a scene."

Anyone interested in being an extra in a scene for this film should send an email stating that to studio@denisentertainment.com

"The Night We Met" is a modern romantic comedy, a feature film in the style of great 1980s films like "Say Anything" and "Dazed and Confused." It follows Stacey and Nick, who are meeting for the first time as they get to know one another over the course of one night in picturesque Schroon Lake. "It's one of those magical nights where you meet someone and connect totally," says Director Jon Russell Cring.

The production will take place when the store is closed for business, over the course of three nights.

“This all came about when Stan came in for breakfast and got talking to some locals. We got talking. He fell in love with the store and the gas pumps and the telephone box. The store will also provide the catering for the event. “We are very excited.” Maureen said.