Adirondack Inn Schroon Lake

Adirondack Inn Schroon Lake under renovation. Summer 2014

Adirondack Inn Schroon Lake under renovation. Summer 2014

For years, the Yellow Coach Motel stood as a landmark  -- the gateway from Route 9 south --  to downtown Schroon. Years before it was a motel, it served as a gift shop and pub and post office, an annex to the Brown Swan Club.

Now, new owners with a new vision, are re-imaging the property, with a top to bottom renovation making it into an Adirondack style lodge. It has a new name:  The Adirondack Inn Schroon Lake.  And it will ready for its first visitors in time for Marathon Weekend. It's just across the way from the popular The Schroon Lake Place.

Patrick Siler, the executive director of the Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, says he’s “very excited” about the project.

“As we continue to work on having great events and things to do for people here in town, it's important that there are places for them to stay. Although we have a lot of great B & B's and so forth, we've lost a lot of hotels, motels over the last number of years. That list is long,” Patrick told Schroon Laker.

“Everything that comes back on-line is a positive step in the right direction. We're very excited about Adirondack Inn Schroon Lake. The other projects in the pipeline, including the old Woods Lodge space, is going to mean hope for the future”

The newly renovated Inn is the brain child of John Fear.  You can read how fate played a role in John undertaking such a huge project, in our Profiles section.