Remembering Frontier Town

Frontier Town postcard, circa the 1960s

Frontier Town postcard, circa the 1960s

The very mention of the word Frontier Town -- to many in these parts -- and many more across the US,  brings smiles and great stories about what was once a sparkling jewel in the North Country.

For some, the memories are still vivid of the rodeo, the stage coach holds ups, Main Street shoot outs and the steam train ride. Others remember when there was a landing strip where folks would arrive by plane. From the 1950s heyday, to a second reincarnation in the mid-1990s, many hold dear the memories of their time there, either as a visitor or worker. (At its peak the park provided full and part time work for around 500 folks).

Long shuttered, and most recently the subject of a controversial tax sale, it’s those glory days that two local authors are seeking to recapture in a new book they hope to publish.

Tammy Whitty-Brown of Plattsburgh and Jennifer St. Pierre of Crown Point will spend this Saturday collecting stories, scanning photos and photographing memorabilia, at the Annual Frontier Town Celebration at Gokey’s Trading Post in North Hudson.

From Charles Mayhood, who was a greet and parking attendant:

"Put there because of my stellar (beginner) French. So many Canadians! I still remember... Bonjour Madame (Monsieur), bien venue a Frontier Town. Voice est une carte du village. Stationer au droit, s'il vous plait.... a thousand times a day. My grandmother, Violet Carlson, was the weaver there in the early days".

Organizers of the event are encouraging Frontier Fans to come out, set up a table and bring a chair. The events starts at Noon  and goes to 4pm. Check out the fabulous Facebook page for terrific pictures – from then and now – that fans have shared, right here.