Frontier Town Foillies: The Saga Continues....

George Moore  -- who won the Frontier Town property in a Essex County Property Tax Auction this Spring, only to have it taken away in a controversial move by the Town of North Hudson -- looks like he will retain the property after all.  Lohr McKinstry for the Press-Republican reports on the latest developments here.

Voters rejected the town’s acquisition of the one time popular Wild West attraction by the Town of North Hudson in a referendum vote,  of 80 against and 52 in favor.

The Keeseville businessman and developer, already owned Frontier Town property  -- featuring the A-frame building with direct access to the Northway --  before he won the remaining parcels of land with a $49,500 bid at the April 30th auction.

Almost immediately the County Board of Supervisors rejected the bid and voted to sell it to the Town of North Hudson for $60,000. North Hudson Town Supervisor Ronald Moore told Schroon Laker he wanted to develop the site for various recreational pursuits, including snow mobiling, horseback riding and biking.

From The Press Republican:

“George Moore has a pending lawsuit in State Supreme Court against the county and town over the reversal.

“The next thing will be, we have to settle the litigation with George Moore,” North Hudson Town Supervisor Ronald Moore said. (The two Moore’s are NOT related).

“It will be up to the Board of Supervisors. A number of different scenarios could play out, whether they want to award it to George Moore or put it back up for auction.”

You can read more of the story here.