St Patty's Day Is Not That Far Away....

From The Tri-Lakes Business Alliance. Their next meeting is at the Panther Inn at 9am on January 21st!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade:  March 7th . We need a new chairperson to head this committee. Keith Wilkinson will organize the bag pipers and road closure, but someone is needed to head the organization of the rest of the parade. There is a solid committee in place that will help, but someone is needed to co-ordinate all events. If you can step up to the plate and take charge, it would be greatly appreciated so please let us know if you can help. This is a great event that everyone enjoys each year, and we would hate to see it end because of lack of community involvement.

Brant Lake Winter Carnival:  Will be held Saturday February 21st this year. Over $1,000 has been raised to date for the Out House Race prizes and all businesses are are invited to enter! The Downhill Derby is scheduled for Feb. 14th and we’d like to have more events throughout the week (it’ vacation week) so anyone with ideas let us know. We need more teams for Snow Shoe Softball and the Broom Ball Tournaments so any groups interested please let us know! In addition to the Fry Pan Toss, Curling, Out House Races, Children’s sledding  hill and Ice Bowling we’ll also be having an Icicle Contest (bring  your longest icicle!) with Adult & Children winners. Also new this year is a competition amongst local business and/or groups to get the most votes for their nominated King & Queen. $1 a vote and the most votes win bragging rights and a crown so vote for your favorite King & Queen at local establishments and/or organizations!

APAC : Current APAC committee members Steve Smith, Derick Borst, Katie Kearney, Kat Andonucci, Susan Andonucci and Tony Taverni have decided to dissolve APAC as a subcommittee of TLBA and we are considering their recommendation. Attorney Rob Simon explained that APAC was a sub-committee of the TLBA and the future of APAC and its monies ultimately fall under the Business Alliance. Susan Andonucci explained that the existing APAC group would like to donate the funds to PAC, a performing arts club at North Warren Central School to provide a coach bus for students to take to an upcoming event in lieu of a school bus. Following attorney recommendation and seeing the TLBA is still planning many events at the Carol Theatre for this coming year, we voted to have a new committee determine what direction APAC will take and how these funds will be dispersed, reflecting the Mission Statement of both APAC and the TLBA.

Electric Sign for Town Events:  Committee is moving forward but variances are needed from the Town of Chester and the APA and Fred Holman is working on obtaining the necessary permits. Variances are needed for the size of the sign and the size of the lighted portion. Checks can be made out to the North Warre Chamber of Commerce and mailed to PO Box 490 – Chestertown, NY 12817 Attn: Digital Sign.

Woof Stock:  Presentations will be made to the Town of Chester and the Town of Horicon for funding. At this point no funding has been awarded but appeals will be made to PetCo and Bensens this month, and although plans are still moving forward, lack of financial support might limit the number of events planned. If anyone has any ideas or connections who might be able to help with some sort of sponsorship, please contact Cindy at or #494-3016.

ATV Rides: Dates for 2015: May 30th, July 18th, September 26th. Tin Tee Pee might also be sponsoring a Jeep Poker Run to benefit Toys for Tots.

Horicon Day: Scheduled for August 1, 2015.

Stand up for Upstate Schools:  North Warren PTO will be sponsoring a meeting on Wednesday Jan. 14th at 6:30 PM at NW Central School to learn about the “GEA” Gap elimination adjustment and the effect it has on our school & community. $198.5 Million has been lost in State Aid so attend this session to learn more about the SU4US and see what you can do to make a difference.