Huge Storm For New York: Not Just Our Part!

We know of dozens of folks in the North Country that would love to see the above forecast  -- most Flat Landers in the NYC area are getting  -- be flipped with the forecast for greater Schroon.

The media hype right now in NYC is at CODE PURPLE – or whatever follows code RED:  for the impending  “BLIZZARD OF 2015”

For those in the ‘Dacks not familiar with how the Media Capital of The World reacts to a few inches  -- or feet of snow – this is equivalent to Armageddon. Sorry, make that "Snowmag

But this storm may actually live up to its hype. Tonight the words “historic, Monster Storm and crippling” are being bandied about on this chilly night on local newscasts, like candy being thrown onto the hot pavement at the Schroon 4th of July Parade.

With a forecast of 2 to 4 inches of the white stuff falling per hour during the peak of the blizzard overnight, there are varying forecasts. Some call  for towns in eastern Long Island to get up to three feet of snow, with drifts up top 5 feet or more. Current forecasts are calling for up to 20 inches in and around the New York City area.

Tonight,  local news reports are showing empty dairy and bread shelves with folks grabbing the last snow shovels and rock salt.  Meanwhile, the North Country will get snow, but just a couple of inches, according to the National Weather Service. And if you want to see the forecast of what’s going down , downstate, we have that info, here.