The Blues Are Back: Witherbee's Style


After a brief respite – giving Patty and Bill Christian a small break -- Mark Piper is back as Master of Ceremonies tonight  at Witherbee’s Open Mic Night.

And a lot of their regular performers will be featured in this Saturday’s recording party in the upstairs Loft, at 6 pm for Witherbee’s Special Wounded Warriors Fund raiser. The live show will be taped for later mastering on  DVD. All proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warriors project.

Mark, Super Dave, Vinnie Leddick, Bill Campbell, Tom Brady, Linda Fayte, George and Tony, Lanny, George Parrott and Eric Bright will be the featured performers Saturday.

“The taping starts at 6pm till it's wrapped up,  then  it’s a regular OPEN MIC,” Mark told Schroon Laker today.

“All are invited, in fact the more the better. We have a soundman, lights and film crew on hand. We have lots of swag and lots of is the real deal and everyone is welcome. If you need a table for dinner you should make a reservation”

So there you have it folks. Make a night of it and support a wonderful cause.