Schroon's Severance Store Shuttered

The Severance Store at the north end of town -- once known for its kick butt subs, and a much needed stop for travellers on the ADK Trailways Bus Line -- has closed, Schroon Laker has confirmed.

The store’s last day in business was Sunday. Multiple sources told Schroon they had noticed recently the store’s food inventory was low, the quality of their famous subs had declined and the availability of certain grades of gas was not always in stock.

The business was purchased about 18 months ago after being on the market fore more than a year. The new owners were from the Capital District. 

It is not known if the closure is for good, or if the current mortgage holder, the last owner of the business, will call the loan in.

Also unknown is its status as an official Trailways Bus Stop. The store was an official pick up and drop off point for passengers heading south to New York via Albany, and multiple stops north.

Passengers used the store as a chance to load up on subs and other snacks, as well as a bathroom stop.

The store closure joins a list of other eateries that have closed in the last two years, including The Paradox Store, Joanie’s Baked Goodies, El Mexicana Restaurant and Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse and Shelby’s Kitchen Therapy.

On the good news side SEVEN  businesses have opened in that time, bringing in thousands of tourists, while serving hundreds of area locals: Sticks and Stones, Paradox Brewery, Barley and Vine (in the Town Store), Pinecone Mercantile,  Northwoods Bakery, Witherbee's Lakeside cabins and the newly revamped Adirondack Inn.

Then there's the Schroon Lake Marina, which  -- under the guidance of Craig Kennedy -- has undergone a massive expansion, with several new service buildings and a newly expanded and renovated big city style showroom.

The marina offers a huge inventory of  new and used boats, docks swim platforms, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, outboard engines and an amazing array of accessories.

6 PM UPDATE: We were remiss in our original reporting by not mentioning another new business, that's adding to the allure of downtown: Anthony Ruiz's Giant Mountain Studio, which houses a world class fine arts gallery and is the headquarters for a photography and web business. (That brings the count to eight  new businesses!). 

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