Santa's Visit To Schroon

    Strand Owners Liz and Larry McNamara


Strand Owners Liz and Larry McNamara

As Santa and his Elves are crushing it right about now, making sure that everyone gets what they want, it's time to reflect on the recent visit of Mr. and Mrs. Claus to our hamlet. Enjoy. And Merry Christmas from all of us here at Schroon Laker. 


"T’was a night to remember, that’s for sure

When excited happy families, were lined out the door

The place of much interest, was Schroon’s grand old Strand

Here were kids of all ages, waiting for “The Man”

You know, that big fella, with the whitest of beards

With his lovely smiling bride, full of good cheer

And why were they here, making so merry?

Because of Strand owners,  Liz and Larry

For more than a decade, when the Sugarbowl closed its doors

This couple have welcomed good ol’ Santy Claus

It’s a joy to do this, we heard from Liz

As kids nearby, were all in a  tizz

And even Larry, who’d been silent a while

Looked over the joy, and cracked a big smile

A huge thanks to these two, and all who bought cheer

Helen from the Timberwolf, with coloring books, not beer

And Stewarts, too, with ice cream for all

And books from Friends of the Library

So much more fun, than a trip to the Mall

 So give thanks for our town

And all who make it great

The place we love and cherish

Here on beautiful Schroon Lake"