Schroon Lake Fire Department Auxiliary in Dire Need Of First Aid

Laura Donaldson tells us that the Schroon Lake Fire Department Auxiliary is just hours away from closing up shop, unless a handful of volunteers step up to the plate tonight. From Laura:

"Crunch time folks!!! The Schroon Lake Fire Dept. Auxiliary will disband tonight for lack of members and help on the board. If you feel you have any free time, want to be part of it, it's a great group of ladies, who do some great community service. Get a couple of free meals as a perk. This is the time, tonight; at 6:30pm at the firehouse is our meeting. Please join and commit to back our fire dept. If not, the BIG Christmas bazaar will disappear, Santa at the firehouse, The Ladies in the Fourth of July Parade, Easter basket raffle  -- with full meals, providing coffee and sandwiches in case of emergency at the firehouse.

 We are all busy, I know. I run two businesses and do the maintenance and still help in different capacities whenever I can. So please, do the same.  If we all did a little chunk, none of us would be overwhelmed!! Hope to see you tonight, at 6:30pm to save us!"