Thinking About Ice On A Steamy Schroon Day

    Copyright  Yvonne Albinowski. 2015. All Rights Reserved


Copyright Yvonne Albinowski. 2015. All Rights Reserved

On a day that’s gonna push the mercury into the  mid 80s, this next story will surely cool you off. It’s an amazing photo essay by

Yvonne Albinowski, published yesterday in the Huffington Post. (Thanks to all of our loyal readers for the tips!).

It features a series of portraits of ice fishermen and women during the Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club’s 2015 Ice Fishing Derby. Yvonne was not only a first timer to Schroon, but the ‘Dacks.

From her post in the Huff-Po:

Having never been up to the Adirondacks at all, this was quite the adventure. The small town is tucked away between a beautiful lake and the interstate. I started out with familiarizing myself with the locals by visiting the town fish and game club since they were the ones putting on the event. After learning more about the agenda, access locations to the lake etc., I headed out to the ice.

Having no experience at all with the ice fishing sport, I had my doubts as to whether the ice would be safe. Those doubts quickly subsided after seeing the amount of SUVs, cars, and four wheelers that seemed to be safely gliding along the lake. It was dusk on a Friday evening and the fishermen were already out there drilling and setting up their home bases for the weekend.

Yvonne is an environmental portrait, travelogue, and food photographer based in New York City. You can view more of her work at Follow her on instagram, tumblr, and facebook.