Schroon Unplugged: Welcome Back Acoustic Jammers

It’s been a long, cold winter and a wild, wet spring,  but the music scene heats up tonight (Monday, June 8) with the year’s first Jam Session at the Boathouse Theater, at 7 pm.

The event is proudly sponsored by the Schroon Lake Arts Council, who have one of their best ever line-ups of their regular concert series for season 2015. Check it out, here.

As regular readers know, the jam sessions  are great place for local performers – and those here visiting and on holiday --  to strut their acoustic stuff. No amps, here, babe!
It’s a free event for all, as the musicians gather on the stage and pass around a tune. It’s magic to watch up to 14 performers at a time, (that’s our record) meld together and make some sweet sounds.

We hope you will make this part of your regular Monday night routine for the season.

Where and When: The Boat House. Dock Street. Schroon Lake. 7pm – 10pm.