The 'Dacks Top Ten Dumb Human Questions

It reads like a David Letterman Top Ten List: the dumbest questions asked by potential visitors to the Adirondack Park. If you thought explaining how to tell your friends and family how to pronounce Schroon was tough, imagine the daily grind of the good folks at ROOST (REGIONAL OFFICE OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM)  based in Lake Placid. The Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of ROOST.

So sit back and enjoy this for real, true, righteous and fair dinkum report, from ROOST’s own Kim Andresen:  “Living in the Adirondack Park, we take a lot for granted. One of the most important things being exactly how vast and varied the park is - especially to a first-time visitor. As a child growing up downstate, a park was simply someplace we played after school, or maybe drove to for a family picnic on the weekends. 

Side note: City folk would refer to us as being from upstate since we were just past the northern border of Westchester County and at the then-end of the Metro-North Line. Little did I realize I would one day find myself actually living upstate - 4-5 hours farther north to be precise. I understand the confusion of first-time visitors. Unless you’ve done your research, it’s a bit hard to grasp the actual size of a 6-million acre park. And until you’ve visited, it’s hard to comprehend exactly what you will be getting yourself into. As such, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most often asked questions myself and my co-workers have fielded over the years. Don't get me wrong, there have been much weirder questions that we've encountered (no, there isn't a water fountain at the top of Marcy) but these 10 have notably come up over and over. So, in the spirit of jest - and from an ex-downstater - please allow me to relay some of the most-repeated inquiries we have actually answered. (Apologies to our friends, but thank you for letting us share these laughs. Remember, we’re not laughing at you…)"

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