Schroon Coming Together For Alpine’s Ralph Dudley

It’s nothing new that the fine people of Schroon and our sister towns have huge hearts. And our community is coming together again, for Ralph from Alpine Pizza, who is waging a brave battle against cancer.

So save the date – August 9th – for a huge fundraiser at the Timberwolf Pub. to help Ralph and his partner Kristen.

Event organizers are looking for basket donations, raffle items – anything that can help raise money to help out Ralph and Kristen. This couple has always been supportive of our community and especially generous to our others in need.

Helen from The ‘Wolf has stepped up with her spaghetti and meatballs and  for those longing a taste of Chris Palmatier’s barbecue, Mr. P himself is bringing back his smoke with a BBQ plate.

There will be live acoustic music by Beyond Driven The Band at 7:00pm Drop by the bar with your donation.