Throwback Thursday: Rare Film of Schroon in the 1960s


For throwback Thursday, we are going back into our own archives, from a post we did a couple of years back. For your viewing pleasure: Adirondack Holiday,  a Kenneth Rickter Production, filmed in the 1960s.

This is an amazing piece of North Country and Essex County history, forever immortalized in this black and white travel film. "It reminds me of Switzerland" is a line from the film's narrator, describing the view from White Face. And he uses the same line again, to describe our beloved Schroon Lake, at approximately 6 minutes and 52 seconds into the film. "One of the most beautiful that dot the Adirondack Landscape (he says referring to the lake). He continues: “...a handsome park, everything neatly planned, so our young friends here can concentrate on having a good time. The town has provided a public bathhouse where you can change for sunbathing on the municipal beach or swimming in the lake"

There are scenes of the town fountain, the park, the beach and a nice sequence featuring two water skiers shot in front of what appears to be the Word Of Life Dock. Recognize anyone in this film? Let us know. Enjoy!