What Came First: The Chicken or The Lobster?

Ah, yes dear readers…it’s that time of the year again. Time to fire up the barbie, rub the chicken and make fun of lobsters, or rather the way they are cooked. That’s right, The Annual Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club Lobster Bake will be held on September 12. Or is it The Annual Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club Barbecued Chicken and Lobster Bake?

Fans of Schroon Laker.com are well of the debate between the Chicken Crew and the Lobster Boys.

The Chicken Crew, under the steady, guiding hand of Joe Steiniger,  spend countless hours tenderly watching over their birds, which have been gently exposed to the world’s best rub. The coals are continually monitored as the birds cook. Just before serving they are doused with just the right amount of the world’s best BBQ sauce. (Both recipes are from Joe, which you can find on his North Country Rambler Blog, by clicking here.)

It’s a complicated, ordeal with multiple moving parts, as opposed to the guys 10 feet away who boil the water for a bunch of lobsters.

Regardless of where you or your taste buds stand on this issue, both are part of this traditional, very fun day, of kicking back at the Fish and Game Club!.

Tickets are $30 for Lobster & Chicken, $20 for Lobster and $15 for Chicken. Each ticket includes salads, corn on cob and Drew’s famous roast pork. Also available for purchase will be hamburgers, hotdogs, sausage and peppers.

There will be a Bouncy Bounce for the kids. Tickets are on sale now at the club, Flanagan’s, The Timberwolf, The Black Bear, Sticks and Stones or by calling 518-532-7953. Hurry – orders MUST BE PLACED IN ADVANCE so the right amount of Lobsters and Chicken are purchased.