Lake Tragedy: Man Drowns In Schroon Lake

A Schroon Lake man who set off Wednesday night for a snowshoe trek on the ice in South Schroon drowned in the lake, police said Friday.

Schroon Laker Edward Vandercar, 66, was reported missing on Wednesday. On Thursday NYS Police followed snowshoe tracks from the state boat launch in Horicon, which eventually lead to his body.

The Times Union reports State Police, forest rangers, Environmental Conservation officers and volunteer firefighters were involved in the search.

From the Times Union:

“Early Thursday, troopers found snow-shoe prints at the Horicon State Boat Launch in Schroon Lake. They followed the prints to a part of the lake with open water and a State Police helicopter spotted him in the water. Park rangers removed Vandercar's body from the lake and the coroner ruled he drowned. State Police said they determined that Vandercar went snow-shoeing on the lake and fell into an area of open water”.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Vandercar’s family and friends.