Mt. Severance Country Store’s Future?

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For many folks, the shuttered Mt. Severance Store is a sad sight. On a recent day, old newspapers and tourism brochures flapped in the cool breeze. Firewood stacks sit outside the once buzzing hub, where locals, day trippers, holiday makers and second home owners got gas and amazing sub sandwiches.

As we reported in early December, the store abruptly closed Thanksgiving Week, a hand written “Closed For Good” sign stuck behind the glass on the store’s front door.

But there is potential news. Phil Otto, one of the store’s former owners, took to social media via the Facebook Schroon Lake fan page this week posting a missive about what may happen in the future.

“Dear Schroon Lake / North Hudson residents, so many of you have reached out to me and Rachel about the store, asking what is happening. All I can say is I don't know anything yet. The current owners have not returned my calls or emails. My attorney is on top of the matter.

I can tell you that if the store ends up back in my hands, and if I can come up with the money needed, it is my intention to bring Mt. Severance Country Store back to its former glory. I know how much this store means to the community and I am truly sorry that this has happened. Love to you all, Phil Otto.”

We wish Phil all the best. Got a memory of good times at the store? Share with us in comments.