A Big Day For Schroon's Own Paradox Brewery

Three cheers for the folks at Schroon’s own Paradox Brewery. Saturday, October 22 is launch day of what die hard fans have been waiting a long time for: their thirst quenching offerings are now available in cans.

That’s right! As true beer enthusiasts know, the can is the most protective shield that protects beer from any light, that may impact its taste.

Not to mention its hiker and boater friendly, ideal for many fans.

“We’ve been working on this a long time, we went through many experiments before we got here,” Paul recently told Schroon Laker.

“The idea behind the cans is to make the beer available to as many consumers as possible. The hope is that many of our fans – and those who are yet to try our beer, will be able to walk into their local stores and pick up a few packs.”

The beer cans features the Brewery’s all new design, which is now on all of PDX’s glassware, growlers and clothing.

The brewery is celebrating the can launch with a party today. Available in cans will be Pilsner and Overbite, and drum roll please: their award winning (and our favorite) Southern Hemisphere Double IPA.

Lead brewer Devon Hamilton and his crew, including Thomas Formicola, and James DeWaard have worked around the clock to get ready for this day.

“We are very proud,” said Paul.

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