Schroon Town Hall Expansion: Here’s To A Mild Winter

It was a balmy 65 degrees when Schroon Laker caught up with Town manager Mike Marnell to talk about what the future holds for the Town  Hall building expansion. And it’s warmer temperatures like Wednesday’s  that will help the project be finished on time, according to Marnell.

“We will start laying the frost walls and footings and slab next week,” Marnell told Schroon

“With all of the contracts signed, we are all set. We want to be finished for a Memorial Day opening. The contractors will keep on working, even with heaters, until it gets too cold”.

The poured slab will be about 2500 square feet. The initial excavation of the site was carried out by Larry Shields and his company, said Marnell.

Unlike previous town improvement projects,  Marnell said the new expansion will not use any town resources.

When complete,  there will be new offices for town employees, a secured court and an expnaded public library.