Giddy Up For the Adirondack Rodeo

It’s the Adirondack Stampede Rodeo, featuring a full rodeo, complete with famous rodeo clown Clint Selvester and trick rider Hayley Ganzel.

Hayley’s show is not to be missed. You will be dazzled by her athletic ability and class act, You may recognize from her role in the movie Cow Girls and Angels. Hayley is a master at many tricks,  including the forward fender, one foot drag, spritz stand, shoulder stand, back drag, hippodrome, and spin the horn. Hee Ha!

Check Hayley out in the above video.

Thursday night you can meet the stars of the rodeo at the Texas Road House in Glens Falls, Don't at their kickoff party from 7:30-9:30 pm tonight. Meet and Greet with several Cowboys and Cowgirls of The Rodeo.