Who Killed Schroon’s Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer?

Late last week, the shining red nose of what seemed like a 30-foot high inflatable Rudolph, beckoned visitors on Route 9 in front of Schroon Lake Wine and Liquors. Customers were greeted with that frozen big grin on his big inflatable head.

Sadly,  www.Schroonlaker.com  may have snapped one of the last photos of Rudolph, as we prepared a  a story on Christmas decorations around town.

Little did we realize days later, Rudolph was a gonner.

Over the weekend that youthful reindeer buck and his unusual luminous red nose, would take one last sway in the gentle holiday winds of Schroon.

So who killed Rudolph? The Chinese.

That’s right, it appears that poor workmanship caused Rudolph to lose his head. Literally!.

We received this missive from a distraught Jared M. Doyle, proprietor and deer friend to Reindeer of all stripes. And noses.

“Autopsy results will likely confirm that it was the result of a defect discovered at the time of production, but was simply never treated prior to delivery.

In lieu of flowers, customers may instead wish to purchase quantities of alcohol from Schroon Lake Wine & Liquor all weekend long. Proceeds will be used to honor the memory our deer friend, Rudolph the headless reindeer”.

If only Rudolph lost its tail. All he’d have to do would go to a "re-tail" shop for a new one!