RIP Keene Barn

Photo: Schroon Laker Collection. Copyright Anthony Batson. 2106.

Photo: Schroon Laker Collection. Copyright Anthony Batson. 2106.

An old, red iconic barn in Keene, literally a barn stopper as folks pulled over to take a picture with the High Peaks in the background, has vanished from the landscape.

Those post card moments came to an end Tuesday, when Keene officials, fearing it had become a potential hazard, pulled it down. In a photo in The Sun newspaper, it looks like a sad, deflated balloon.

The red barn, near the intersection of state Route 73 and Route 9N, had been on its last kegs for the last couple of years. Years on heavy snow had push in the roof, scavengers had taken parts of its much prized barn wood, and it had been used as a bathroom.

Schroon's unofficial photographer about town, Sharron Hozley Tyrrell mourned its loss today.

“I knew every time I went by that it may be the last chance to catch a photo. Now it is just an icon gone ! Really bad and leaning in these photos they unfortunately did what they had to do but it is so sad!,” Sharron posted on Facebook. You can check out a recent montage of Sharron’s photos below.