Better Late Than Never: Schroon's Class of '66, Still Kickin' It!

As we are clearing out the ol' Schroonlaker email box, we came across this gem we had missed about the awesome class of 1966's, Schroon reunion. It occurred in August, and we happily, and belatedly share their story. Thanks and apologies Jim!

By Jim Jenks
Proud member of the Class of '66

Recently the class of 1966, Schroon Lake Central, celebrated a 50-year reunion, bringing together 15 of the 20 surviving classmates for a  week-end of fun and reminiscing.  Events included a Meet 'n' Greet at Sticks & Stones, a fabulous barbecue hosted by the Jenks family at the home of Constance Jenks (mother of Jim) on Paradox Lake, a tour of the school and a farewell meeting with coffee and cake at the home of Howard and Ann Warren (sister of Sandi Richards).

Old friends came from as far away as Virginia, Florida and California.  Many were in town for many extra days, enjoying the sights and sounds old and new.  Most had not been in the school building since the newest addition and were impressed by the auditorium, the new gym and the lake trout science project.  Vine & Barley and the Paradox Brewery were often topics of conversation.

Chefs for the barbecue were SLCS grad Jeff Jenks, and Ken Harris, married to SLCS grad Judy Jenks.  Boat rides were provided in between rain showers and everyone provided something for the dinner, during which we were treated to a magnificent thunder and lightening show.  The class advisors, locals Jim and Jean Williford, were on hand, as well as an appearance by Mr. Vincent Ritorto, one of two remaining teachers who taught during the high school years.

I'm attaching  two photos from the school tour, one from a class room with Mr. Ritorto "monitoring" and one in front of the new school sign.  Class members by the sign are:  on the left, Mr. Ritorto, Jim Jenks, Everett Millais, Bob Potter, Sandi Richards, Mike Harris, Pat Rowan, and Peter Rowan (kneeling) on the left, and on the right:  Terry Beck, Donna Howe, Ron Craigie, Cathie Mick, John Donaldson, Sandy Ward, George Martin and Bruce Murdock.

There is probably more information than you need here, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  50-year reunions are rare and I thought this might be an interesting thing for the blog, which I read every day.  There were 3 other classmates that could not make it due to illness, but who had planned to come, which would have been an amazing percentage.  But 15 out of 20?  Not bad!  Most of us have stayed in contact throughout the years, and I think now even more will. Next up - planning for 75!."