A Show Not To Be Missed This Saturday In Schroon

Check out this video by Matt Dine, then immediately call Witherbee’s Carriage House to get your tickets to his show this Saturday night. The event promises to be one of the  highlights on Schroon's Artistic Calendar this year!

Matt brings this unique piece of performance art  to Witherbee’s for one night only (February 20). Matt will be performingwith Debra Shufely-Dine and Anthime Milur. The show starts at 7.30pm. Call (518) 532-9595 to reserve your seat.

Here’s how Matt explains how he pulls off his show, “Me, Myself and Albinoni”.

“A concert version of my recent album Me, Myself and Albinoni, using a film of myself playing the 2nd part, and performing the 1st part live to the film. Performed at the 2014 IDRS Conference in NYU's Loewe Theater. I built the screen myself, and rear-projected it to simulate a "hologram-like" look to it.
I used a Sony A7s to create the film AND the clip of the concert itself. I play a Monnig AM155 oboe".