Adirondack Shakespeare Company: A Primer




As regular readers know, we are faithful fans of the The Adirondack Shakespeare Company. The Schroon performing art scene got an incredible boost back in 2010 when a young company of talented actors  -- headed by Tara Bradway and Patrick Siler -- established the Adirondack Shakespeare Company right here.

From performing scenes in the Town Park, to breathing life into the long abandoned stage at Scaroon Manor, this little company that could, shook things up.

And along the way, they attracted a loyal fan base of kids and adults, with their unique approach to re-inventing the productions of Will Shakespeare, while maintaining their authenticity with their passionate performances.

Six years later, the company performs all over the North Country, has a summer season which stretches into the fall, and continues to feature  productions for all ages.  Now the company’s Tara Bradway has written a piece about the ADK Shakes, its history and its future, which you can read in our Music and Arts Scene Section.