Spring Ground Breaking On New Town Hall Renovation

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Ground breaking for the new Town Hall expansion will begin in the early weeks of Spring, and be open by the fall, Town Supervisor Mike Marnell tells Schroon Laker.

“We are getting the final plans this week, and we will be in full swing. We will start clearing the east side of the site soon after,” Mr. Marnell said.

Marnell plans on an aggressive building schedule for the new renovation, which includes new office space for town employees, a new courtroom and the jewel of the project, an enlarged library.

Marnell projects the new addition will be open in November. 

To fund the project the Town is relying on a $300,000 grant for the library, and a $28,000 matching grant for the new courtroom from the New York State Justice Court system.

“That courtroom grant has already been matched and we have $56,000 in the coffers.”

Asked about any impact on increased taxes, Mr. Marnell reiterated what he has previously stated: “Taxes will go up a little bit”, but when pressed didn’t have any hard numbers.

As we have previously reported the proposed budget for the expansion is around $900,000.

To meet any shortfall the Town will borrow the money required to complete the job through issuing municipal bonds.

To save money Mr. Marnell said the town would be doing a lot of work on the site.

“After we clear the lot we will contract out the masonry work for the foundation and the building. The town will take on the job of the electrical work, and the trim.”

Mr. Marnell says there will be minimal disruption in the day-to-day activities at the Town Hall for the majority of the project.