In what will potentially go down as one of the biggest news days in Schroon Lake history  -- beside the closing of the Severance Store, and the barely mentioned incident involving a former Town Board member wearing a too tight pair of Speedos on a 100 plus degree day at  the beach – Schroon is enacting drastic new restrictions on alcohol consumption and will be re-introducing Prohibition.

And there is huge outrage from those impacted by this new law, passed by the Town Board last night. Chief among them is Paul Mrocka, co-founder of the Paradox Brewery, who told Schroon Laker today he now will be forced to turn the brewery into a milkshake bar.

    Paul Mrocka's jaw hit the ground  today when he learned of the news


Paul Mrocka's jaw hit the ground  today when he learned of the news

“We are trying to figure out ways to keep that hoppy taste, but in a milkshake. It's gonna be a little weird, but we are game," Paul said.

Meanwhile, Schroon Laker has learned that a silent partner in the business, Saul Mrocka, has devised a devious plan to keep part of the brewery going.

We have also confirmed with producers from CNN the cable news giant is preparing a report on this draconian step backwards. It is scheduled to be broadcast on Anderson Cooper’s  show tonight, barring Donald Trump putting his foot into his mouth.

Read more about the new Prohibition, more about the secret Paradox Brewery plan and how Sticks and Stones  are dealing with this catastrophe from the Schroon Lake Region Facebook page by clicking here.