Living On Top Of an Adirondack Missile Silo


Channel 10 is promoting a scary storyThursday at 6pm, about the health dangers of abandoned cold war era missile silos in the Adirondacks. In researching what they might be up to, I stumbled upon what may be the most wild story about a house in the Adirondacks I’ve ever read. It involves a New York film location scout Nick Carr, who found out about a one of a kind house,  built on top of a decommissioned 1960’s missile launch site near Plattsburgh.

The purchaser was a builder, who in 1995 put up a few houses and an airstrip on the property, and was now looking to sell it.


Nick got into the house and photographed what was left of the nine story underground silo. Check out Nick’s story and AMAZING photos here.