The Sounds Of a Rave Review For Schroon Lake Central School


Roger Peace recently flagged us to the letter he wrote to The Sun, about the amazing performance and staging of The Sound of Music, by the Schroon Lake Central School. Roger captures the spirit of what was an event that folks will be talking about for years to come.


And if Roger ever quits his day job, he has a solid career ahead of him as a theatre reviewer.

To the Editor:

As the lights dimmed and everyone took their seats, you could sense the excitement in the theater. The famous melody “The Sound of Music” filled the air and the curtain opened leading to an incredible two hours of outstanding singing, acting and theatrical showmanship.

The cast, stagehands, music and technology teachers, directors, producers and many more of Schroon Lake Central School had prepared an outstanding performance for all in attendance.


Maria, played by Natalie Stout, a senior, displayed the acting maturity and vocal excellence of an aspiring Broadway sensation. The leading man, Ben Wisser, convincingly drew the audience to believe he was Captain Von Trapp with class and dignity.

Each supporting role as introduced throughout the evening was inspiring, believable and musically pleasing to hear. Acting by Harrison Gereau, Alora Bearor, Kris Stout, Micka Stout and the entire cast showed the depth of talent in our community.

The voices of Ashlyn Lough, Emily Masonville, Joe Slatterpryce, Wisdom Reel, the Von Trapp children, and many more made for an enjoyable evening of music. Each Von Trapp child was cast appropriately, which made for an enjoyable evening of laughter and storyline that would make any professional director proud.

The ladies choir consisting of students, staff, and community members filled the auditorium with wonderful harmony and a full sound.

One cannot think of the “Sound of Music” without recalling the role of Max Detweiler. Max, an eccentric socialite with a touch of genius for self-awareness and preservation, was delivered by Levi Williams. Levi owned the part with pure authenticity, and natural ability, leaving the audience in tears of laughter much of the evening.

As one who was in the audience, it was refreshing to see students use their gifts and abilities to bring a smile to faces and a spirit of joy to our school auditorium. For two hours, in that crowded hall, the students drew the audience into their hearts and scenes to deliver a beautiful evening of musical and acting delight. What a treasure trove of talent in Schroon Lake.

Thank you, Schroon Lake Central School students, faculty, staff, and volunteers for a wonderful evening. You were an inspiration and example of what can happen when you work hard, work together, and have fun in the midst of all. Well done, and bravo to each and everyone!

Roger L. Peace, Jr.