Lending Others A Helping Hand For North Country Foster Kids

We’ve said it before and we will say it again – there’s never a shortage of folks in our area who will step in and do the right thing. Tina M Plumstead, via Facebook, shares her mission in helping out kids in foster care. Here’s a how to guide on how to donate.  From Tina:

“I spoke with someone at our local DFS (Essex County, NY) yesterday, regarding donations they accept for children entering, or are in, foster care. They will accept backpacks & duffel bags. Due to storage reasons, they are unable to accept small suitcases at this time; backpacks and duffel bags are easier to store.

These items can also be used if the child is of school age. She also said they are ALWAYS accepting donations of items such as toothpaste, tooth brushes, combs, hair ties, feminine items for girls, Axe body spray, loofah sponges, combs, lotions, shampoo & conditioner, lice products, socks, school supplies, etc. Basically anything that your own children, or the children in your life, need.

If anyone would like to drop off any items to me, I will be happy to deliver them once the event ends. I will be contacting her at the end of next week to make arrangements for a time/day to meet with her. Thank you all, and PLEASE continue to help spread the word about this event and Wyatt's Wranglers!