Conditions This Week In The High Peaks

Mud & Water on Trails: Warm temperatures and rains have resulted in mud and water on trails especially along water bodies, in low lying areas and higher elevations. All hikers should wear waterproof footwear and gaiters. Remain on trails; walk through mud & water to protect trails. Walking around erodes trails and damages trailside vegetation.
Ice on Trails: Trails are icy in the highest elevations where snow was compacted through the winter. All hikers should carry micro-spikes or other traction devices and wear when warranted. Remain on trails; walk on ice to prevent further eroding trails and to protect trailside vegetation.

Bear-Resistant Canisters: The use of bear-resistant canisters is required for overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness and recommended throughout the Adirondacks. All food, toiletries and garbage must be stored in bear-resistant canisters. 

Snow: Snow is present above 4,000 feet and at lower elevations on north facing slopes and shaded areas. 

Water Crossings: Melt water is flowing in drainages. Rain and warm temperatures will increase flows in brooks, rivers and drainages. Crossings that are passable in the morning may not be in the afternoon.

Water Levels and Temps: Waters levels are below average for this time of year but will rise with the forecasted rain and rain showers. Water temperatures are cold. A person falling into the water could quickly lose the ability to keep their head above water. People boating or paddling should wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times. 

Biting Insects: Blackflies and mosquitoes have begun to emerge in the lower elevations. 


Connery Pond Road: The road is open to public motor vehicle use.

Whiteface Landing Trail: The trail has been rerouted to avoid private camps on Connery Pond. The new trail route starts at the small parking area just before the private gate. Please respect the private property and stay on the trail.

Connery Pond/Whiteface Landing/West Branch Ausable River: Construction is occurring on the State Route 86 Bridge over the West Branch Ausable River about three miles northeast of Lake Placid. Construction is expected to continue unit November 1st.  Parking near the bridge will be restricted. Hikers accessing Whiteface Landing are discouraged from using the parking areas near the bridge. Paddlers using that section of the river are advised to find an alternant takeout. Paddlers are discouraged from paddling under the bridge during the construction period. Entering the construction site or staging area are not allowed. Anyone parking near the bridge should use caution when pulling out of the parking area. Pedestrians crossing the road should use the marked crosswalk.

Corey's Road: The road is now open to public motor vehicle traffic. Logging operations continue in the area, be cautious of logging trucks. 

Elk Lake Road: The Clear Pond Gate on Elk Lake Road is open. 

South Meadow Lane: The barriers near the entrance at the Loj Road remain and South Meadow Lane remains closed until the end of the spring mud season. Vehicles may park at the barriers to access to the Mt. VanHovenberg Trail, the Marcy Truck Trail and the Klondike Trail. Do not block the gap in the barrier, it is used by emergency vehicles.

Table Top Mountain Herd Path: The start of the Tabletop Mountain Herd Path on the VanHovenberg Trail to Mt. Marcy has been moved 150 feet closer to Indian Falls.  

Ward Brook Truck Trail: The Ward Brook Truck Trail is flooded due to beaver activity just north of the junction with the Northville-Placid Trail.

Calamity Brook Trail: The High Water Bridge over Calamity Brook on the Calamity Brook Trail between the Upper Works and the Flowed Lands has been repaired by the Student Conservation Association Adirondack Program and can be used by hikers.
Opalescent Suspension Bridge: The suspension bridge over the Opalescent River on the trail from Lake Colden to Mt. Marcy has been repaired by the Student Conservation Association Adirondack Program and can be used by hikers.

Lake Colden to Marcy Trail: A 10-foot section of trail near Uphill Lean-to along the Opalescent River above Lake Colden was washed out during heavy rains. Hikers can get around it by going through the trees but should use caution when doing so.

Bradley Pond Trail: The first and second foot bridges on the Bradley Pond Trail are damaged and unusable. The stream can be forded /rock hopped on the downstream side of the bridge sites.

Northville-Placid Trail: The trail contains a large area of blowdown near the Seward Lean-to. A detour around the blowdown has been marked with pink flagging.