Going, Going: Gone


Looking for a Horse Drawn Sleigh and buggy or Deer head to add a unique touch of the Adirondacks to your camp?

Then join the early birds at Gokey’s Auction House at 9:30 am Saturday to check out a staggering 500 lots at their North Hudson Facility.

John and Jean will be selling the contents of a Scotia, NY home and select pieces of furniture from a Clifton Park home.

That’s gonna include Antiques, Collectibles, Modern and Vintage Furniture, Household Furnishings, Adirondack Artwork, tray-lots of glass and collectibles and a whole lot more:  Adirondack Pack Baskets and Fishing Creels, Fish Reels, Assorted Splint Weave Baskets, a Rustic Framed Mirror, National Brass Cash Registers, a Sears & Roebuck Ice Cream Maker and a large selection of new tools and Hardware, the remainder from a downstate distributor that have come up at the last couple of auctions.

The action starts at 11am sharp! Gokey’s Auction Facility. I-87, Exit 29, North Hudson, NY.