Patchouli Back In Schroon

The Schroon Lake Arts Council’s bumper summer crop of fine performers continues this Tuesday, with the return of Patchouli.

This internationally famous duet -- award winning songwriter Julie Patchouli and master guitarist Bruce Hecksel  -- are crowd favorites here in Schroon.

So hurry and get your tickets now, before the Boathouse sells out!

 More from the Schroon Lake Arts Council:

“Patchouli lights up the air with sparkling acoustic sounds and their powerful contagious chemistry. Famous for that smiling voice that instantly turns a bad day into a good one, Patchouli’s down-to-earth, hopeful songwriting is “New American Folk” blending elements of folk, pop, flamenco and jazz with world beat rhythms.

Patchouli’s sound has been described as “the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel meet the guitar brilliance of the Gipsy Kings. Patchouli represents the very top echelon of today's acoustic performers, bringing the highest level of skill together with the passion, experience and joy that are a rare combination indeed”.

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