Schroon Welcomes World Champion Wake Boarders

Once again, courtesy of the Word of Life, X Games Gold medalist Emily Copeland Durham returns to Schroon.

And this time you can watch her performance as she and fellow professional boarder Keith Lyman take to the water.

The two are here for a special training camp at the Word of Life. On Wednesday, the public is invited to come to the Word of Life Island for an up close and personal view.

More from the WOL:

Everyone in the Schroon Lake Region is invited to join the fun and watch their demonstration, which will be held out on the water in front of WORD OF LIFE ISLAND BOATHOUSE on Wednesday, August 3rd @ 7:30pm.

If you would like to watch the demonstrations from the shores of the Island, arrive at the Mainland Dock (across from Hoffman Mountain  Road) by 7:00pm, sign in as a guest at the boat stop, and take the 7:00pm boat to the Island to watch the demo from the Boathouse Front. If you would like to watch from your personal boat, you are welcome to drive your boat to the demo! Word of Life asks that you arrive to the "designated viewing area" no later than 7:15. There will be a no wake area designated that night in front of the Island. Please see the attached poster for more information.