Your Friday Night Rodeo Crash Course in Barrel Racin’

Do you and your family a favor and savor the delights of a very fun night out at the Word of Life Rodeo. The ranch on Route 9 in Pottersville opens at 7pm for their Friday Family fin Night! 

That means horse rides,  a Bounce House,  music and food, the General Store, Face Painting and their Fort Playground!

At 8:30 pm it’s the full-fledged rodeo. That’s where you will see events like Barrel Racing.


It’s a contest you will see in every major Rodeo across the U.S. Gents, this is an event for cowgirls only, the riders will take turns running the course in a clover leaf pattern, trying to get as close to the barrels as possible without knocking them over.

There’s more info,  by clicking right here.