Why Are The Swim Platforms at Schroon’s Town Beach Missing?



There has been chatter this week about why there are no swim platforms at the Town Beach.

The discussion has taken place on David Paterson’s Schroon Lake Facebook page. Various posters have lamented the disappearance of the two wooden fixtures, citing fond memories of their own time using them and how their children miss them.

So we set out to investigate what happened. Turns out this is the second year the beach has been without the platforms, according to Mike Marnell, The Schroon Lake Town Supervisor.

They were removed for safety reasons.

“They became a safety hazard for the life guards,” Mike told Schroon Laker today.

Mike said the lifeguard’s line of sight was blocked by kids using the platforms “and they (the lifeguards) couldn’t see if there were little kids behind the platform”.

“With all the commotion and horsing around on them, the lifeguards have to be able to see everybody.”

Mike said reports of the platforms being removed because they posed an insurance liability were not true.