The Schroon Lake Arts Council And You

Every year, the hard work and dedication of a few souls from the Schroon Lake Arts Council brings hundreds and thousands of dollars into our community. 

The depth and variety of the world-class talent that makes up the Schroon Lake Arts Council’s summer concert series, and their annual Folk Festival, gets better each year. And don't forget the free children's concert by the Hampstead Stage Company that gets raves each summer.

And it’s the music that brings in thousands of visitors from near and far, keeps Main Street merchants and area restaurants happy, and adds another dimension to what makes this hamlet a go to destination.

 But none of this happens by magic.

 On Tuesday, (August 30) it’s the SLAC’s Annual Meeting and President Jack Osborne would like to get the word out they are looking for folks to join them in their efforts.

 The meeting is at the Boathouse at 10am. So come along and meet Jack and the board, and if you have some ideas share them. If you have a few hours to volunteer, share those as well.