Meet Adirondack Author Tony Holtzman Friday Night!

Tony, aka  (Neil A.) Holtzman, is a an MD with a MPH. Id that’s not a plateful, Tony took up writing fiction more than a decade ago after a distinguished career as Professor of Pediatrics, Health Policy, and Epidemiology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and School of Public Health.

And Friday night he’ll be discussing his career as a writer in a special appearance, proudly Sponsored by the Schroon lake Library.

For some background: Tony has spent summers here in the ‘Dacks for over fifty years. He’s no slouch on the mountain climbing front, having bagged most of the forty-six peaks over four thousand feet and canoed many rivers and lakes.

His interest in the history of the region and the roots of the current conflicts among developers, environmentalists, and the people who live in the region year-round inspired him to write Adirondack Trilogy.

Read more about Tony at and the trilogy of books he wrote about the Adirondacks.