Goods News As Schroon’s High Speed Internet (Finally) Revs Up

Special correspondent Joe Steiniger has been following up with the New York State Broadband office on the progress of getting High Speed Broadband to our area.

Many folks have been frustrated by the numerous layers of red tape, which have resulted in multiple delays from  the provider, Slic Network Solutions

From Joe:

“All good news.   All funding for the project is in place. 'Make Ready" orders have been sent to Verizon and National Grid to make sure SLIC has room to string fiber optic cable. SLIC will work through the winter to complete the project by spring. The Broadband office projects February and March. As sections of town are completed, SLIC will start providing service to those residents as they go along. SLIC will contact residents beforehand with an offer of services and pricing.

Read more in SLIC”s Press Release, here.