Is It Safe To Fish On The Lake?

 Photo by Donna Rice Mellan. All rights reserved 2017.

Photo by Donna Rice Mellan. All rights reserved 2017.

That’s the question asked by several readers in recent days. After a little digging. There are two answers. At the north end of the lake, the ice is 4-5 inches, according to Tammy Whitty-Brown, Executive Director of the Schroon Lake area Chamber of Commerce.

At the south end of the lake, which always takes longer to freeze over, there are miles of open water.

Back near town, there is photo evidence of folks on the ice, provided by Donna Rice Mellan, The Chamber President.  Donna says if you look closely at the above photo she took Thursday, she spotted four fisher folk out on the ice. (We've highlighted those dots!)

Up the hill on Bullet Pond, our special correspondent reports the ice at 10 inches.

Over at The Crossroads in Chesterfield, they have been selling a lot of sucker bait to anglers attempting to catch lake trout.

“We’ve also heard of some action at Brant Lake, Loon Lake, and other local bodies of water. Most places are reporting about 4-5 inches of good ice.” 

Their live bait selection is the best, and they have everything for your ice fishing needs.

With today’s early morning temps around 10 degrees, the ice is bound to get thicker in all of our ponds and lakes.

Never assume anything when it comes to safe ice thicknesses. Always check in with a local, and use the below chart as a guide.