Schroon’s Stewart’s Expansion: Not Dead Yet

Schroon Lake Stewarts plan1.jpg

Supporters of a new, expanded Stewart’s Shop in Schroon have reason to keep hope alive. There will be another “resolution to reconsider a zoning change” on the agenda of next Monday’s Town Board Meeting (October 16, 2017), Supervisor Mike Marnell told Schroon Laker today.

“We will need a super majority of the Town’s board members to have the resolution passed. That’s four  members out of five,” Marnell said.

If that happens -- and barring any legal challenges filed by opponents -- the path is cleared for Stewart's to break ground.

The last time the issue came up for vote, there were three Town Board Members in favor: Don Sage, Clara Phibbs and Marnell. Board member Meg Wood voted no and Roger Friedman abstained. 

Stewart’s had planned on buying the home directly behind their current location, a house on the corner of Dock and Taylor Streets, in order to increase the store’s footprint from 2,500 to 3,700-square-feet. The current zoning for that property includes uses as a resort or dining location.

In order for the million dollar plus expansion to move forward, the zoning needs to be changed to retail usage.

Five homeowners on Taylor Street and a local business were among those against the expansion.

The debate has dragged on for months, with heated exchanges at Town Board meetings and on the sidewalks of Schroon and in online forums.

Stewart’s representatives first presented a proposal to raze and rebuild the store at an April Town meeting. Soon after Stewart’s modified the plan to include  -- among other changes -- a privacy fence, noise reduction air-conditioning units and discreet lighting.

In two unscientific polls conducted by Schroon Laker, (May and August) the majority of respondents were overwhelming in support of the expansion, which would include more gas pumps, more parking spaces and a larger selection of groceries, food and pizza.  The current store, built in the mi-1980s, features 1970s style architecture. The proposed new design blends iconic Adirondack style features.

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